When you sign up ‘you’ enter into an agreement with ‘My Hands and Heart’ myhandsandheart.org or ‘the site’, through the site or mobile portals. ‘You’ can sign up as an organisation or an individual volunteer.

Our service
Will change as we grow, but here is the gist of it

Must be 13 years or older to use this site, and 18 or older if you are signing up as an organisation.
You cannot sign up for organisation or companies that you don’t represent.

Using the site
You are responsible for what you submit: in the information and the interactions with the users of the site.

There is risk - take precautions There are offline elements to this site, take care and be safe. We will not be held responsible for any damages, which may occur, as a result of our site.

We may introduce fees associated with some of the services, we’ll let you know about this.

Let us know if someone is abusing the site
We’ll see to it

Canceling your profile
Drop us an email, we’ll do our best to remove your profile within 4 days, some of the content you posted may remain as there is sharing, but let us know if you have a problem, we’ll gladly see to it.

Third Party Content
As the site is a community based website, the content is produced by third parties, we cannot take responsibility or directly endorse the content on the site.

Lies with the organisations which have signed up and made opportunities available.

We can remove content
If it compromises the quality of the services of the site, we may remove the content at our discretion.

Be fair and be true
We don’t want false info about you.

Your profile
Give us your correct info and we’ll give you a username and password, keep this safe to help us main the integrity of the site.

No Advertising or commercial solicitation
You must not advertise on the site, unless you make prior arrangements with the site.

You agree to the uses of privacy

We have the right to not approve any member or opportunity we feel may compromise the quality of our offering.

Using your personal data
The site will use your personal data to contact you based on your preferences as indicated on the site. We will not sell your data.

Once you accept an opportunity
We are here to introduce you to the organisations, it is up to you to find more info on them. We’ll do our best to ensure quality and that safe opportunities are shared. The site does not accept the liability of any dealings with the organisation.