By Wandile Zungu

THE VALUE OF BEING A CONTENT CREATOR Who would have thought that the of writing news, could be turned into a precious skill set, will Provoker News a news publication for the youth, provided I and a few other volunteers an opportunity to improve our knowledge and skills of the publication industry. Noxolo Mthethwa Founder of Provoker Holding and the publication Provoker News takes the time to teaching and training young passionate and skills young people to write news and have a clear understanding of news. Although I was more skilled in writing and knowledge of the publication was greater then the new volunteers who were part of the program, but with the mentoring of Noxolo Mthethwa I grew more then, I could ever imagine. Provoker News provided a platform for youth to express themselves, speak about issues that other publications don't focus on and give the youth a voice to engage and be open about the negative and positive things. This opportunity improved and shaped a lot of the volunteers to look outside the box and not inside to have a different understanding of the publication world and a better understand of how hard you have to work to improve your love for writing.