By Mpho Nyaka

No good deed goes unnoticed with My hands and heart, an Ambassador Sello King Sonkosi who is a change agent in his community Poortjie, has been doing a great job in mobilizing the unemployed youth in his community to make the most of their time and not just sit at home. He encourages them to volunteer and change their community for the better. He is not only uplifting his community but also helping the youth of Poortjie gain employable skills through volunteering, which in the long run will help them when they seek employment. Sello has helped organised and manage a few helpful and beneficial volunteer opportunities in his community these include: Clean up campaign, Networking and Information sharing session, Fixing leaking taps, Library assistant, Employment drive to name just a few and, out of this he managed to gain some skills along with the youth he is volunteering with and the skills gained include: Communication, Conservation efforts, Interpersonal skills, Community development to name just a few. Sello so far has managed to mobilize a large number of volunteers and for that he was awarded an Iphone as a token of appreciation for the amazing work that he is doing in his community. With more young people like Sello South Africa would be a great place.