By Nathi Xashimba

Giving back to those that are in need must not be taken lightly. I see this everyday working here at the JHB Culinary & Pastry school in Maboneng and we do our best to empower and help each and every volunteer that walks through our school doors.We constantly concentrate our efforts to empowering aspiring chefs who at this present moment in time are volunteers in the art of culinary and pastry prowess. Each year many volunteers come to our school and get the opportunity to enhance and develop their skills as aspiring chefs. Corporate companies are our primary help for sourcing the required funds to take our aspiring chefs through school and we strive to put as many people through our culinary and pastry school on scholarships as possible. With the help of normal citizens who aren't necessarily business owners we would be able to fund way more than two people through school. We are extremely thankful for the volunteers from My Hands and Heart who assisted in setting up for our foundation fundraiser. The extra hands really helped to make sure the event was successful. We look forward in working together in the future.