By Mpho Nyaka

As it stands in South Africa, the rate of youth unemployment is growing. It is my belief that this is not going to slow down unless we, the youth of South Africa, stand up and take initiative for our country and our future. I have dedicated my time to helping out in my community in every way I can. One might call what I do volunteering but for me it is a way to gain experience and gather skills that ordinary school and college does not provide. The opportunity to work with The Social Collective has really made me look at volunteering in a different, more positive way. Instead of seeing it as a waste of time I now see it as a mutually beneficial opportunity for both me, my academics and my community. I’m gaining skills with this platform and this method of community work that will be tracked and can later be used on my CV. In this way, giving a helping hand to my community will assist me in future job searches. One can actually gain a lot of skills from volunteering. In my volunteering experiences so far, I’ve learnt how to manage young students, how to keep them interested and informed, and how to stay patient and friendly at all times!