By ester khumalo

As a young person I'm faced with a lot of things in my life and, running away is never an option I have to face them and find a way out, it was so difficult in my life to access opportunities but, ever since I found out about my hands and hearts my life changed. As a volunteer I like to encourage the youth out there that do not sit and relax wait for opportunities to come into their houses. No you need to stand up and find these opportunities. I've been in my hands and hearts for three years now, believe me when I say I'm enjoying a lot and I'm looking forward to work with them into the future. Volunteering has helped me bag a learniship, which I am currently doing. Had it not been for my appetizing CV which mainly included volunteer experience I doubt I would have been selected. I have learnt a lot through volunteering, it has helped me grow my network, learn new skills. You would not believe it if I told you how shy I was but, through volunteering especially with the NYDA ambassador project, I have learnt to address large groups of people and my communication skills have grown unbelievably. You should also volunteer, trust me you will not regret it.