By Wilson Mangwane

Being a Ambassador at My Hands and Heart is one of the most growing parts of my journey and basically I work with different organization and different volunteers , having to think back when papers was used to post an opportunity and reporting back on it truly speaking I wouldn't have been smiling throughout my life because of paper work, but this feature of Monitoring and Evaluation paperless most importantly has played a huge role in managing opportunities without having to go to my profile and looking for opportunities wasting time on searching for a specific opportunity or organization I need to report on or post an opportunity for . But now with just one click everything just transpire the same time with one click on the same page . It is now easier to report on opportunities and to know how many opportunity I have to attend also those which are pending. I am able to keep track of Youth Volunteer Programs & Opportunities plus Skills Learnt and Volunteer Time Tracking with the help of My hands and heart Top of the grade software . I am able to work very well without losing reports or forgetting that I have opportunities to report on .