By Wilson Mangwane

MyRun The CAMPUS Launch. MyRun Fitness, established in 2016, is a Blue Label Telecoms owned company. They are a community focused fitness company that has been formed to target all audiences and to bring communities together, by hosting free weekly fitness Events that are accessible to everyone. The main purpose is to make a difference to communities through Myrun Events and to encourage and inspire people to be more active through all stages of their lives. MyRun have a passionate team who are driven to offer the best Events and a group of enthusiastic Volunteers who help them achieve this events which they create. The event are tech timed which brings this innovative vibe and feel to them. This awesome tech helps you to track your fitness and allow to you to see how well you are doing and what more do you wanna do. It doesnt only control your cholesterol but even gives you fitness tips and how to run well avoiding leg hiccups. The first Campus launch in the country it's always the best venue to come to volunteer and join for a race, the most amazing part too is that as a volunteer you can participate too and remain to your duties after that. What a great day it was also with new registration from new participant MyRun is growing to be nine of the biggest free fitness events. A great way to start your Sunday fresh.