By Wilson Mangwane

The Johannesburg Dream Center is a neutral space in which we may work together to change the lives of people who need help in Johannesburg through our various projects. They work together with the people who need help to uplift and bring them out of poverty. With international poverty day week, feeding the stomachs in need of nutrients. Johannesburg dream center is doing great job achieving that every different stomach gets fed and put a smile on their face. "The little you with warm heart and hands goes a long way and feeds,helps an entire nation". Cosmo city was an amazing event where johannesburg dream center was handing out groceries to families in cosmo city, you could see the smiles as volunteers go house to house registering and giving out groceries you could see the beauty of the heart showing itself when kids are handed foods and given entertainment. Its was a heartfelt event and touch as also touch so many. It takes a village to raise a child but a strong group to maintain and make the best out of the child. Do join us again on the 02 December for more lovely time @ Johannesburg dream center