By Gorden Selepe

There is life in Art and there is Education in Art. The TUT Soshanguve Drama group held a closing function which an educational gathering. The function had one objective in mind which was to educate new students who will be part of the group next year the importance of Arts in their studies. Many young people in the country perceive art as entertainment but they forget the message in it. The event did not have many people but the number that was there got to learn a few things. There was also something special about the event , the drama group being the structure at TUT which educates and entertains through their work got an award for the most improved structure under the umbrella of the Directorate Of Extracurricular Development. The drama group has worked hard throughout the year and has really made a difference in many student's lives with their work and creativity. The end year function gave a few students an opportunity to volunteer in helping preparing for the next year and learn more about drama and the influence it has on young people. There's life in Art , Drama also Educates.