By Wilson Mangwane

Walk in my shoes documentary launch called - Born in prison raised in Soweto. The event was launched by The National Youth Development Agency. Which partnered with guest host who came all the way from SABC studio and a welcoming energetic MC from Soweto. What an amazing event it was such keen and vital young people who were involved and wanted to be more involved in initiatives like volunteering and many more. people came in numbers to witness testimonies and amazing motivational speeches from guests who were in invited. '' where you think it's the end ,it's not the end but the starting point a beautiful beginning''. it ended with social cohesion and photo shooting and fun events like drama and small ensemble songs last but not least the way forward of what to do next to inspire people not to sit and do nothing but to g out there and unlock their potential also do positive impact around their community and outside their respective community... ''If you don't start now, when will you start'' ''first steps are always a start or sign of courage