By Wilson Mangwane

"The more books you read, the taller the step ladder you create to climb to the top and catch your shining star". Thee amazing day of the 7th of September 2017. An event was created at a school called Masteliso Secondary School in Soweto. The read a book day event which inspires kids to see and know the importance of having and reading a book in their live's, how it impacts their intellectual skill's in everyday life. The purpose of this event was too celebrate the national READ A BOOK WEEK!! Getting people to get used to reading a book, it can be a novel or short story, as long it will benefit you at the end of a chapter. Throughout the event question were asked. A few fruitful questions where asked: What inspires you to read a book? Why is it important to read a book? What are the benefits of having a book and reading it? A sentence you can share to someone who doesn't know the value of a book? What value do you get from reading a book? The amazing responses were: You can improve your reading skills, you can benefit from it because it will teach you some powerful facts which you didn't know. The pictures inspire me to read depending on whether what I'm gonna read where I'll use it. Reading books gives the reader knowledge and excitement of some new knowledge. A sentence I could share to someone is "wow! That book is wonderful if you read it you'd wanna read more about it, don't you wanna try I'll assist where I can. A book is a sorcery that contains information that needs to be relieved to people by only readingĀ  The article( *JAMES JOYCE*) and the way it is written..( *A PORTRAIT OF THE ARTIST AS A YOUNG MAN*) Sentence to share: A portrait of artist as a young man is James Joyce's magnificent and how classic evocation of a catholic boyhood in Ireland, and theĀ  struggle through sin and sanctity towards self-expression. It helps me to believe in myself and to make myself a first priority. (that's not being selfish but being humble). It increases the intellectuality of a mindset which makes you wiser and open to new learning adventures. I learned and benefited a lot from this event.