By Gorden Selepe

The TUT Arts Extravaganza organised by the Directorate of Extracurricular Development is an annual event which includes all types of performance art. It is an event which gives the students of TUT a platform to showcase their talent and it gives them the confidence to improve their craft. It's a great opportunity also for the young people who are not TUT students but would love to perform for TUT students. The event is not aimed at entertaining the Students only but it should add value to their lives that is why you find that there are performances which are there to educate the students on socio economic issues. This year's the event took place at the TUT soshanguve south campus featuring four TUT campuses, who came up with performances which were worth watching. As This event is an event aimed at adding value to the youth of South Africa everyone is allowed to come and watch or take part. The Event took Place from the 08th up until the 10th of September. It's a three day event. The main aim of this event is also to create harmony amongst the students and this is done through the team building sessions on the last day of the event.