By Mpho Nyaka

On the 15th of August 2017, Life 4 U Foundation hosted a widow’s care program to cherish the widows and grannies of Ivory Park and Tembisa. The purpose of the event was to donate food parcels to 30 widows who are the beneficiaries of our poverty relief program. Through the support of volunteers the event was a huge success, volunteers came and helped with packing food parcels and they also helped with cooking lunch for the widows. Our strive is to make sure that on the month of March, July, September and December we host events to provide food and clothing to the needy widows and orphans around Ivory Park and Tembisa. This event which we hosted on the month of August falls under the month of July, but due to inadequate resources we decided to push it to the month of August to source more food to benefit large number of beneficiaries. It was also unfortunate because most of our beneficiaries were left out and we only managed to provide food parcels to 30 widows. Our food parcels include 12.5 Kg Maize Meal, 10kg Rice, 2 Litre fish oil, 2 Kg Sugar, 1 Kg salt, Beans, Beef stock, teabags and concentrate Juice. Despite this challenge we hope and believe that our next event will accommodate more people to alleviate poverty in our communities. As young people dedicated to build and care for our communities, our aspirations comes from the Love of God and sacrifices made by our struggle heroes such as our late former states men Mr Nelson Mandela and other heroes who dedicated their entire lives to improve other people’s lives. We sincerely believe that our dream of poverty free communities will be accomplished through self-sacrifice and the support of those who believes in our dream. We hope that other young people will rise from their challenges and join the struggle of building a better South Africa for all who live in it. By Mpho Mofokeng