By Sello Sonkosi

Inspired women Lead to a better society. What I have learnt on this day was that if women were inspired, supported and motivated daily we would be living in a better world. I am Sello Sonkosi from Poortjie. What women only need is support, support and lot of support, from our fellow primary school learners, teenagers, ladies at varsity, single mothers, career women, princesses, stay at home moms, grandmother's, prophetess, WOMEN from all walks of life. From way back a girl child is raised differently from a boy, women from my Poortjie interpreted a different story on that day. Our MC was telling different stories of very powerful and influential women of my community, women who made it from nothing but through support they made it. Speakers where clear that without women we will be living in a unusual world, dull if I may say so. There was this performance dramatic poetry by KTC women about abuse, what stood out about it is that they held burning candles and they talked about all forms of abuse women go through at some stage of their lives and gave possible solutions, once they were done with each solution they blow out one candle showing there's no life for that problem any longer when there is communication and implementation. Organizations like Jozi SME Hub, PCCM, Goldfields, Batho-Pele and SAPS came to support this initiative. The setup and community support was great from toddler children to pensioners, it was a successful voluntary day but mostly educational one. One thing I would like to stress is that my fellow brothers need to support such events and partake in them, it's heartbreaking seeing a community multi purpose full of women and children talking about what they go through without the perpetrators being there to hear what they need to learn to avoid so much bloodshed and hatred in our beloved land. Guys let's support our women, grandmothers, mothers, aunts, sisters and girlfriends or wives. I am Sello Sonkosi signing out and saying NO to women abuse.