By koketso perseverance

MY JOURNEY TO SUCCESS THROUGH VOLUNTEERING I am Koketso Marokhu, from Midrand and I would like to share with you the experience of being a young volunteer. Well I saw that there are less opportunities for an individual to reach success and I than chose a path of being one of those people who build communities to make a name for themselves and also uplift a community I grew up at. It may seem as dodgy but the aim is to help those who are less unfortunate because I believe that the person I help today can make a difference to me and other after 5 years or so. To summarise everything, I strongly know that volunteering is a great move an individual can take at this time of life I started to volunteer at Ikamva Youth, an organisation based in Midrand nearby where I stay and I have been tutoring my fellow bright learners (grade 9 – 12) even now I still do that during my spare time as I am full time student . My aim was to share the level of education I have with them, motivate them to do better than what I did in the past and also to help me as an individual to gain more confidence in engaging. I also volunteered to be part of my hands and heart in collaboration with NAMOLA (safety app to reduce crime) and I am still getting on my feet to promote and work for NAMOLA. With the mentioned organisations, I find volunteering very exciting, fun, nation building and I enjoy volunteering so much I would like to advice the youth that lets work on building communities and homes through volunteering and our careers will have a strong balance because through volunteering you get skills and acquire experience. Opportunities that are exciting are always worked for and they are not freebies and but they can be guided to you while you do well to others. Remember what you do to other today, they will do to your grandchild in the future. With those words I encourage volunteering. Instagram: P_KOKETSO Facebook: Koketso Perseverance Marokhu