By Gorden Selepe

I AM A CHAMP Volunteering is an investment not to you as a volunteer only but also to the person or organisation you are assisting.Volunteering strengths your community, it gives you profession exposure, promotes growth and self esteem,Its saves resources and it also brings people together. Change this to highlight the importance of volunteering- you gain skills etc Koketso Marokhu is a township raised champ who is currently studying Integrated Communication at the Tshwane University of Technology Soshanguve North Campus. He resides in Tembisa in a township where young people find it hard to get educated and become successful but that is not the case with Koketso. He saw an opportunity in volunteering and made use of it and is willing to get more volunteer opportunities. Koketso was introduced to My Hands and Heart volunteer program by one of the coordinators at Ikamvayouth then I started to show my interest but the exposure was not enough until I heard about My Hands and Heart from my fellow student, a student leader himself Lefa Gorden Selepe when he did a presentation in my class about My Hands and Heart and NAMOLA. Kokesto has been volunteering as a tutor with Ikamva Youth since 2016 and is always looking for opportunities to gain more skills hence he was excited to learn about the CO4ZA Champions program in particular the Namola activation opportunity. NAMOLA is a safety app that allows you to alert your nearest police officers when you need assistance and Koketso believes that the app came at the right time when South Africa is in need of help with crime. It will be useful to decrease the crime rate rate in the country and he also thinks that this is a win win situation between the Champion and the people being assisted with the app. Koketso believes that as a young person in South Africa for you to get to a certain destination, you have to invest your time, knowledge and efforts in the service of others. What you invest will be a benefit to someone and in turn you will acquire certain skills that will build your career prospects. In short volunteering is a step towards opportunities for young people who do not have much work experience to build better prospects for themselves.