By Wilson Mangwane

Lonwabo Lwesizwe is a non-profit, voluntary organization committed to creating youth platforms for development through exposing them to appropriate skills/activities which can stair them away from unlawful conducts such as substance abuse, drugs and criminal activities; Promote a goal orientated youth through creating platforms in scarce sectors .The organization aims to be a united, non-racial,non-sexist; and furthermore, establish branches within the identified areas to better social services and social cohesion An organization is something tangible that if you don't take good care of it, it dies off right in your hands. But with strong constructive leadership empowerment an organization becomes bolder with all the sacrifices that you make to make it a organization. Keep on working hard even when people do not appreciate your efforts, don’t give up -keep on working hard. When a bird builds its nest, no one can tell of its mission all they see is its ups and downs. You only realize after some times that the bird was building its home . As lonwabo lwesizwe remains still and bold through obstacles sacrificing to make this organization work as they are non- profit organization but kept pushing, it managed to pull an amazing event very beautiful event blissfully it was fun with all the games, activities and photo booth moments taking pictures with the team individuals who were at the event and volunteers . A good leader has an honorable character that selflessly serves his/her organization. In your employees' eyes, your leadership is everything. Your activities affect the organization's objectives and their well-being. According to Brad Sugars, a respected leader concentrates on three key areas: Be - what he/she is (beliefs and values),Know - what he/she knows (job, tasks, human nature),Do - what he/she does (implement, motivate, and provide direction). Lonwabo lwesizwe created an event called #I AM A WOMEN which was held on the 25th of March 2017 @ Eldorado park. A day for each and every women to remember a day where they were cherishing each other a day where they were showing their inner strength to themselves and to the world the day the were showering each other with love, empowerment, and complimenting each other also sharing  depth personal stories to all the people who were engaging. The aim of the campaign was to  create an open social movement by restoring dignity of woman in our societies. Creating platforms for woman to express themselves regarding social issues they face in their everyday lives and deal with them in a collective way. There were great speakers, true women to look up too. Women who have speared through the obstacles there were facing in life their individual life's. Obstacles to break and destroy them but they didn't allow that as they realised early it was not worth living the way I did for the likes of being  materialist,the likes of being abused , sexual abuse/physical and emotional abuse. But they put their foot down and said no with this event they were inspiring young old women to take charge of their individual life as they are the true delicate flower in the earths surface. It was a heartfelt event so genuine. Even i when I got there their vibe of the atmosphere was already roaming around the event  Ubuntu(humanity) was there most what the new generation lacks as major population lack. The moment I talk on behalf of My Hands and Hearts.  It was like adding a nuclear bomb in a volcano and all went great more women truly did know My hands and hearts and now we have more women interested in giving back their time back to community ad that's the only gift you can offer back to your community. The truly did defined imbhokoto(Bold women) in this event and made too honourable women to come. "You are the change you want to see" all thanks to lonwabo lwesizwe team for making such a life changing event and sacrificing everything to make it work,no good deed goes to waste. Story by Wilson Mangwane ' your story our story. Our story the worlds story".