By Mpho Nyaka

SPCA Journey with Wandile Zungu, an Ambassador from My hands and heart. Through the years the SPCA has had many issues with volunteers and has tried to change the ways, we work with volunteers to simplify opportunities for volunteers. The first day Wandile Zungu came into the SPCA, she was willing to help where ever she was needed, she always find ways to better the SPCA and assist in getting more volunteers to assist the organisations. Before Wandile Zungu, came to the SPCA , the organisation was struggling with volunteers and finding ways to raise funds for the organization. With the help of our new volunteer Wandile Zungu we were able to create plans in building the SPCA and utilizing the skills & knowledge of the different volunteers that come and assist the SPCA. We are still building the SPCA and with Wandile Zungu help, we will be able to create a space were more volunteers will be able to grow their skills and knowledge the different areas of the SPCA.