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We are a youth platform which makes volunteering for young people a way to learn new skills, connect and gain a social employability profile. We work with organisations to build awesome volunteer programmes where volunteering has a real and sustainable impact.

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Google Digital Skills for Africa

Skills play a very important role in helping the youth of today land jobs. Google has great online courses for digital skills where young people can take and learn different valuable skills. Since affordability can a be a challenge for most young people, be it for tuition fees or data Google found a perfect solution where they teamed up with Project Isizwe and trained ambassadors, who are usually found at hotspots and they assist young people go through and complete the online courses.

Alcohol Awareness and Free WiFi

The high rate of alcohol consumption amongst our youth is alarming, for this every reason teamed up with Project Isizwe for a project where young people through the use of free WiFi can learn about the dangers of drinking alcohol. This is pioneered by ambassadors in the communities of Bushbuckridge and Botshabelo

Tembisa Clean-up Campaign

Please volunteer with us on the 22nd of February 2019 from 8am until 12 noon as we will be launching the Arehlwekiseng clean-up campaign at Mashimong Park in Tembisa. Arehlwekiseng clean-up campaign it’s a multi stakeholder project which aim to educate community members about clean environment, taking care of our stream and rivers, promoting WASH and also eradicating illegal dumping and promoting recycling. The campaign will run on monthly basis and volunteers support will be greatly appreciated. For more information please whatsapp or call Simon on 0791693705, Faith on 0782225270

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Our Pillars

Communities are not built with spreadsheets.

We make Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) more immediate and meaningful for individuals and organisations by providing specialist software and paperless consulting services.

Imagine if Monitoring and Evaluation was not mainly about funding, compliance and mandatory reports - but gave you something useful in return? We believe that by improving the collection and reporting of data for M&E, organisations can gain real-time insights to improve their programmes and strategies. With M&E information organised more centrally and timeously, reporting can become an important decision-making tool.
Our individual profiles capture and reflect progress and experience across a range of skills through programme participation. Hard and soft skills gained through volunteering activities and in using the software are also captured - adding rigour and metrics to skills that are often difficult to track.
The Social Collective offers web tools for the collection, storage and reporting of data. It is designed to be used by entire organizations - from fieldworker to director. It offers real-time views of community activity and performance - giving organizations faster insights and verified reports to make actionable decisions.

Stories About Communities, By Communities

Opportunities to make a change may change you.

Being a Ambassador at My Hands and Heart is one of the most growing parts of my journey and basically I work with different organization and different volunteers , having to think back when papers was used to post an opportunity and reporting back on it truly speaking I wouldn't have been smiling throughout my life because of paper work, but this feature of Monitoring and Evaluation paperless most importantly has played a huge role in managing opportunities without having to go to my profile and looking for opportunities wasting time on searching for a specific opportunity or organization I need to report on or post an opportunity for . But now with just one click everything just transpire the same time with one click on the same page . It is now easier to report on opportunities and to know how many opportunity I have to attend also those which are pending. I am able to keep track of Youth Volunteer Programs & Opportunities plus Skills Learnt and Volunteer Time Tracking with the help of My hands and heart Top of the grade software . I am able to work very well without losing reports or forgetting that I have opportunities to report on .

I have been volunteering for the past 8 years and, was introduced to the My Hands and Heart platform about 5 years ago. It's a great platform where I can keep a record of all the work I have been doing and still doing. Reporting forms a big part of the work I do and it's great I can have a overview of any outstanding reports straight from my profile. This saves me a lot of time since I don't have to go to each opportunity to see if any reports are pending, this helps me to keep on top of my reporting so I don't fall behind.

Doing voluntary work sometimes calls on a person with a caring and loving heart. I know how challenging it is to wake up, get ready and go to the workplace where you don't even get a cent! Let me share this with everyone who is reading this expository narration. I volunteered as a library and computer assistant for almost three years without getting paid at one of the public libraries in Mpumalanga province. My hands and heart through its community manager, Ms Mpho Nyaka prophesied this submissive mindset! Towards the end of this year, I was invited by My hands and heart to participate in the volunteering project as an Ambassador for the NYDA. For me, this is a big achievement and a rewarding sensory experience.

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i am a mother and house self employed running a small tuck shop in the street.i need help in assisting me with the finance to grow myself other dream is to provide a feeding scheme threw my motto:let the hungry b fed the sick norrished the aged protected and infants cared fo.

Capricorn Educational Resource Centre

To support and mentors learners from rural areas on natural sciences subjects and STEM careers, more specifically artificial intelligence and indigenous system knowledge projects.

Makause Combined School

Makause Combined School is a Combined School schools specialising in Ordinary. The schools is based in Witbank, Mpumalanga, South Africa. More school details to follow.


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