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We are a youth platform which makes volunteering for young people a way to learn new skills, connect and gain a social employability profile. We work with organisations to build awesome volunteer programmes where volunteering has a real and sustainable impact.

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Yoko and The Social Collective's Mandela Day Deal

This Mandela Day, South Africans have been called to take #ActionAgainstPoverty. Yoko and The Social Collective are offering two options, both of which gives you access to Yoco’s Point of Sale Device and App as well as the Business Portal, where you can manage your sales in real time and get dynamic business insights, for Mandela Day this year, it means you will either be donating with your Debit or Credit Card, or collecting donations as a partner in this campaign. The deal is offered to companies supporting NGOs for their staff volunteerism, small businesses who would be willing to welcome volunteers, beneficiary organisations who would like to collect donations via the Yoco card reader and make use of The Social Collective’s volunteer reporting management system. This deal is great for organisations to sell merchandise and collect donations. Want to know more about the deal, click count in and an agent will contact you.

Learnership with the Wits Business School Centre

Wits Business School Centre for Entrepreneurship is offering a Learnership to 250 unemployed youth in Gauteng. The Learnership is sponsored by Services SETA. If you are interested or know someone who is please ask them to send their CV to

Namola Training

Volunteers are needed to market and activate a new safety App in Gauteng. The training is to help The ambassadors on how they are going to work and what is needed from them. Volunteers will gain marketing skills and will have a chance to network with people across the country. The volunteers need to have marketing and promotional skills.

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Communities are not built with spreadsheets.

We make Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) more immediate and meaningful for individuals and organisations by providing specialist software and paperless consulting services.

Imagine if Monitoring and Evaluation was not mainly about funding, compliance and mandatory reports - but gave you something useful in return? We believe that by improving the collection and reporting of data for M&E, organisations can gain real-time insights to improve their programmes and strategies. With M&E information organised more centrally and timeously, reporting can become an important decision-making tool.
Our individual profiles capture and reflect progress and experience across a range of skills through programme participation. Hard and soft skills gained through volunteering activities and in using the software are also captured - adding rigour and metrics to skills that are often difficult to track.
The Social Collective offers web tools for the collection, storage and reporting of data. It is designed to be used by entire organizations - from fieldworker to director. It offers real-time views of community activity and performance - giving organizations faster insights and verified reports to make actionable decisions.

Stories About Communities, By Communities

Opportunities to make a change may change you.

I AM A CHAMP Volunteering is an investment not to you as a volunteer only but also to the person or organisation you are assisting.Volunteering strengths your community, it gives you profession exposure, promotes growth and self esteem,Its saves resources and it also brings people together. Change this to highlight the importance of volunteering- you gain skills etc Koketso Marokhu is a township raised champ who is currently studying Integrated Communication at the Tshwane University of Technology Soshanguve North Campus. He resides in Tembisa in a township where young people find it hard to get educated and become successful but that is not the case with Koketso. He saw an opportunity in volunteering and made use of it and is willing to get more volunteer opportunities. Koketso was introduced to My Hands and Heart volunteer program by one of the coordinators at Ikamvayouth then I started to show my interest but the exposure was not enough until I heard about My Hands and Heart from my fellow student, a student leader himself Lefa Gorden Selepe when he did a presentation in my class about My Hands and Heart and NAMOLA. Kokesto has been volunteering as a tutor with Ikamva Youth since 2016 and is always looking for opportunities to gain more skills hence he was excited to learn about the CO4ZA Champions program in particular the Namola activation opportunity. NAMOLA is a safety app that allows you to alert your nearest police officers when you need assistance and Koketso believes that the app came at the right time when South Africa is in need of help with crime. It will be useful to decrease the crime rate rate in the country and he also thinks that this is a win win situation between the Champion and the people being assisted with the app. Koketso believes that as a young person in South Africa for you to get to a certain destination, you have to invest your time, knowledge and efforts in the service of others. What you invest will be a benefit to someone and in turn you will acquire certain skills that will build your career prospects. In short volunteering is a step towards opportunities for young people who do not have much work experience to build better prospects for themselves.

My overall experience with the IK has been great from the start even though I feel at some point there is a need for improvement in terms of schedule and management as whole. What I found interesting about IK is the fact that majority have a desire to offer assistance which real inspired me most. As i mention I find the schedule and monitoring systems ineffective considering there is no follow up of class time tables which result in confusion and frustration of finding many learners doing different subjects at the same time which I think for me is something that need to be rectify. Management side they sometimes display a behavior which I think it lacks professionalism, like in an instance where you are kept in waiting for transportation fee and refunds, and there is no ongoing communication of the org vision and mission regarding 2017 academic year which makes it difficult to offer advice at some instance. -Rifumu Rikhotso

Christian Women Entrepreneurs network Of Africa a non profit organisation with an objective ti=o create and educate women from different spheres of the continent with entrepreneurial skills and business skills. Women are exposed to the concept of business and the program gives them an opportunity to explore and grow their business confidence. The volunteer opportunity gives not just the chance to help out and volunteer but the chance ti equip relevant business skills. It educates more than it requires a volunteer to do most of the work. As a volunteer I learned a lot with regards to business and entrepreneurship. Empowerment and self motivations were one of the key things which I learned and I believe other volunteer and the women grasped on the day. This Program is a great example of what the great Julia Nyerere said "To educate a woman is to educate a nation

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Germiston SPCA

To prevent cruelty to animals and promote animal welfare. To prevent wanton and improper treatment of animals. To maintain and protect animal and bird life and their natural homes. To encourage the proclamation and protection of animal and bird sanctuaries. To erect and maintain homes, hospitals and similar undertakings. To do everything possible to inculcate into the minds of children a sense of love and care of animals and birds, and more especially to foster the Junior Movement. To establish such branches and to sponsor such separate committees as many may be deemed necessary for the fulfillment of the objects of the society. To affiliate or join with any other Society in Southern Africa having similar objectives. To implement all or any of the aforegoing objectives by any lawful means.

Hope Raisers Initiative(Resource Center)

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