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Environmental Rejuvenation

CWP is embarking on a program to rejuvenate dumping sites and turn them into recreational spaces withing the community. Volunteers are needed to assist with the clean up of the dumping sites as well as recycling some of the waste on a weekly basis

ithuteng literacy programme

Ithuteng Day Care wants to improve the literacy rate of the children under their care however due to capacity issues the learners are not receiving one on one attention to help them with their reading and writing. Ithuteng is looking for volunteers to assist children with their literacy program on a weekly basis. Books will be provided and a curriculum for the volunteers to follow.

Ekhaya Day Care Center end year show

Ekhaya Day Care Center is planning a end of year show as part of their graduation celebrations. This Show will essentially equip the children broaden their communication skills and help develop their interpersonal skills. Volunteers are needed to assist with the production of the show which will include singing, dancing, drama and poetry sessions. Volunteers will assist the teachers during the rehearsal sessions.

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Youth Volunteering

My hands and heart is a youth volunteer platform. Backed by the National Youth Development Agency. We track the volunteer time invested and skills developed through our Monitoring and Evaluation framework (including signatures at events). Adding value to NGOs, small business and governments that need to report on youth engagements and volunteerism or youth development.

  • Youth Development
  • Skills Development
  • Volunteer Time Tracking
  • Social Employability Profiles for Youth
  • M&E Dashboards for Organisations
  • Cost Effective Reporting Framework
  • NGO and Government Solutions
Our Pillars

Communities are not built with spreadsheets.

The Social Collective makes Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) more immediate and meaningful for individuals and organisations by providing specialist software and paperless consulting services.

Imagine if Monitoring and Evaluation was not mainly about funding, compliance and mandatory reports - but gave you something useful in return? We believe that by improving the collection and reporting of data for M&E, organisations can gain real-time insights to improve their programmes and strategies. With M&E information organised more centrally and timeously, reporting can become an important decision-making tool.
Our individual profiles capture and reflect progress and experience across a range of skills through programme participation. Hard and soft skills gained through volunteering activities and in using the software are also captured - adding rigour and metrics to skills that are often difficult to track.
The Social Collective offers web tools for the collection, storage and reporting of data. It is designed to be used by entire organizations - from fieldworker to director. It offers real-time views of community activity and performance - giving organizations faster insights and verified reports to make actionable decisions.

Stories About Communities, By Communities

Opportunities to make a change may change you.

Lehcu Projects in Partnership with Poortjie Islamic Center Celebrated Woman's Day with Poortjie Elders at their Old Age Center and Honored them as they made this Day (Woman's Day) Possible all the woman in south Africa,as some of them took Part in the Struggle in 1956.

Nala Organisation and volunteers under the organisation , went to give they assistance to Qoqizizwe Primary school supporting healthy lifestyle in the community . They have done a great job on 5th of August by cleaning a filthy passage where the kids of Qoqizizwe Primary School is working through each and every day of their school attendance , the principal mr Pitso right on the group picture was very impressed and excited of interest of children's health in the community which is supported by youth and adults in the community .

we got an Award from Action Centre Support for good report and events here at Orange Farm.


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Baumann Barlow

Baumann Barlow is an early childhood development that caters for children from the age of 3 to 6. The center is an NPO located at the Johannesburg Doornfontein, it also enhances child and social welfare to the children at the facility.

Childhood Roads Institute

To ensure that we have an informed community , reduce the impact of HIV/AIDS , by conducting workshops , campaigns and distribute pamphlets to community advocates for the rights of the most vulnerable groups ; orphans and vulnerable children, abuse woman , and other minority groups .

Ekhaya Day Care Center

Ekhaya Day Care Center is a nursery school for young children of different ages from 3 months to 6 years. The center is associated with child welfare and social services.


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