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Become a Social Media Intern

The Social Media Intern at MSF Southern Africa will be instrumental in helping the organisation raise awareness and engagement using MSF SA’s social channels. The intern will also be expected to contribute towards MSF’s objective of becoming increasingly digital. The role will play a direct part in the growth of social engagement; maximizing current social channels and identifying new areas of growth. The role will also play a part in the development and deployment of innovative social media strategies and initiatives. The Social Media Intern reports to the Senior Online Coordinator and is part of the Digital Team

Fixing Clothing Rails for Cupboards

We have several suits and dresses we need to hang out/pack in cupboards for which we do not have adequate rail or cupboard space. We need volunteers to come and help us fix our cupboard rails so that these clothes can be well packed and be in good shape come Matric farewell time.

Sexual Abuse Awareness

We need volunteers to come and assist us spread the Word about sexual abuse, all you have to do is send me your best picture messages on your views of sexual assault, which we will post on our Website, our Facebook page and share with the media in an effort to help raise awareness about this terrible crime which is affecting so many people in South Africa. We need to raise our voices in South Africa, and stand together to make people aware that this is a real problem in our country. Something needs to be done! It is time to take a stand and open the eyes of those who do not want to see and speak up where no one else wants to! Messages can be emailed to:


Stories About Communities, By Communities

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my hands and heart ambassador, Martin Nyokolodi attended a freedom day volunteer opportunity at the consciousness cafe in johannesburg inne rcity. the main aim for the day was to celebrate and remember the heros who passed for our freedom, through an artistic expression. the event had open mic, water painting, poetry sessions. the opportunity was inspritional and I had learned a few things about expressing oneself through art, young people in our communities should focus more into making south Africa a better nation and more employable by taking volunteer opportunities as they better their skill and experience. this also help the youth to be more focused in life and lead to a different path in life, one with no drugs, women and children abuse and 0% crime.

Arthur Pholosi and Sello king Sonkosi attended an awareness campaign which was hosted by SAPS , JOZI SME HUB, Poortjie youth in business, Lehcu projects , Siyanqoba anti drug organisation , WBOT , Poortjie outburst news , Poortjie safety youth forum . The awareness was was about crimes and substance abuse which takes mostly takes place at schools and also about teenage pregnancies

On Freedom Day the 27th of April 2016, I Mpho Nyaka an ambassador for my hands and heart attended an event that was hosted by Afrika Tikkun. This event was themed The Legacy of Friendship. The event focused on the harsh realities of racism and the negative impact it has on us as individuals and on the country as whole. From this event I did not only gather knowledge on how to accept our differences as people but I also learnt event management skills, communication skills and the importance of self love and self identity. What made this event more fruitful to me was the presence of young people because after all we are the now and the future of this country and learning not to be racist at a young age will definitely have a positive impact in the future making us better people tomorrow.


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Doctors Without Borders (MSF SA)

Providing medical assistance to people affected by armed conflict, epidemics, healthcare exclusion, natural and man-made disasters; and speaking out about the plight of the populations assiste

Epic Foundation

We live in a society where people often find themselves in difficulty due to trauma, crime, unemployment and other circumstances beyond their control. Everyone has the right to be given assistance to help work through these hard times and to be empowered to uplift their lives. It is our mission to put projects and tools in place to make this possible for men, women and children.

Sci-Bono discovery centre

Our mission is to support and enhance the delivery of effective mathematics, science, technology and career education in Gauteng schools and improve awareness of, interest and engagement with all the aspects of science engineering and technology in youth and the general public


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