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Canvassing Riders for the 947 Cycle Challenge

We are registered as a charity bond in this prestigious race and need help to canvass cyclists at two locations: 1. At the Cradle of Mankind . (can meet at the Lifestyle Centre - cnr. Beyers Naude and Jim Fouche Street). Need to be at the Cradle early morning. 2. At the Circus coffee shop . (Plot 116, Springbok Road, Daleside), we need volunteers to and assist with canvassing the riders bikes as well as cheer them on during the race

Creating Awareness about Substance Abuse

Currently substance abuse is a major challenge in our community with a growing number of young people experimenting and getting involved in drug abuse, more specifically a drug called NYAOPE. Not overlooking the other substances like alcohol, tobacco and other drugs. We are appealing for assistance as Chiawelo Community Practice will be marching and distributing questionnaires to the public, and introduce service providers againsts substance abuse. We need volunteers to come an march with us as we believe that a larger crowed will will have a bigger impact

Roof Repairs at David House

Our roofs have a few leaks and need repair ... ideally before the rainy season really kicks in. This is quite an urgent job for us, as leaks are creating further damage to ceilings and walls which we cannot afford. David House is right next door to Camelia House, a home for our pensioners, volunteer assistance will be highly appreciated.


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#Super Volunteers Mpho Mofokeng and Mathapelo Mofokeng registering unemployed youth Of Ivory Park and Tembisa during Life 4 U Foundation Water and Sanitation unemployed youth workshop.

Simon- Founder of Life 4 U Foundation engaging youth of Ivory Park during Life 4 U Foundation Water and Sanitation Unemployed Youth Workshop. The purpose of the workshop was to share information and create an understanding of the processes and experiences from the Eastern Cape schools youth entrepreneurship initiative, with the intent of stimulating and enhancing the adoption of the concept to the benefit of Ivory Park and Tembisa urban schools. The approach developed provides a platform for the youth of Ivory Park and Tembisa to income generating opportunities using the social franchise model. Impilo Yabantu franchisees shared their experiences in this field while engaging in conversation with participating youth on how success can be replicated by the unemployed youth in their respective communities.

Life 4 U Foundation Youth Service Work with the help of My hands and Heart continues to make a social impact in Ivory Park by employing unemployed youth to support their local communities through volunteering. No more sitting at home doing nothing, thus poverty and teenage pregnancy is reduced. Volunteers promotes toilet hygiene and Clean environment


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Siyakhula Kids Pre-School

Siyakhula Kids Pre-School is a facility that cares for the early development of children from the age of 3 months to 5 years.

Collective Empowerment Projects

Uplifting lives of young people and initiating strategies that will prevent and resolve the social problems affecting youth. Youth are the agents and ambassadors of change; they are the role-models that influence positive change in their communities.

Women Empowerment Organisation

Feminism _ the social, political and economic equality of the sexes.


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