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We are a youth platform which makes volunteering for young people a way to learn new skills, connect and gain a social employability profile. We work with organisations to build awesome volunteer programme where volunteering has a real and sustainable impact.

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workshop and skills training

skill people on how to open up NGO'S , NPO'S and PTY companies as it is the jozi SME mandate and also refer them to relevant stakeholders in terms of tax clearance . we need volunteers to come and attend the event as it will benefit them as to gain knowledge about business and also we need volunteers to assist in cleaning the facility and chair setting

Help to set for local designers fashion show

W.A.Y Future in conjunction with mzamomhle will be having a fashion/vintage day show were there'll be launching a brand called last passion which is the local fashion designer which wanna showcases his clothes to the community so he can get support from them , so we need volunteers to help in setting up the decor and chairs setting .

Christmas Party Celebration

Come join us in putting together a party for the children of Zamimphilo who are well deserving of this show of love. Volunteers are needed to help in the set up and ensuring the party is running smoothly

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Our Pillars

Communities are not built with spreadsheets.

We make Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) more immediate and meaningful for individuals and organisations by providing specialist software and paperless consulting services.

Imagine if Monitoring and Evaluation was not mainly about funding, compliance and mandatory reports - but gave you something useful in return? We believe that by improving the collection and reporting of data for M&E, organisations can gain real-time insights to improve their programmes and strategies. With M&E information organised more centrally and timeously, reporting can become an important decision-making tool.
Our individual profiles capture and reflect progress and experience across a range of skills through programme participation. Hard and soft skills gained through volunteering activities and in using the software are also captured - adding rigour and metrics to skills that are often difficult to track.
The Social Collective offers web tools for the collection, storage and reporting of data. It is designed to be used by entire organizations - from fieldworker to director. It offers real-time views of community activity and performance - giving organizations faster insights and verified reports to make actionable decisions.

Stories About Communities, By Communities

Opportunities to make a change may change you.

A wise man once said. "Be the change you want to see in this world". Plus " Don't change yourself but the world around you". Those are true inspiring words. Tutoring with Teboho Trust- Tutor Teboho Trust aims To empower orphan, vulnerable and at-risk children / adolescents to reach their full potential in society for them to shape the next generation too. It was a great pleasure and outmost gratitude to have volunteers come to volunteer and give their time to share the knowledge they have to the children in the school. As Albert once said try not to become a man of success but try to become à man of value. I,volunteers". Helping the students with different fields of study which they lack or wanna gain more knowledge volunteers are there to assist spending 7hours of their time to be with students of Teboho trust. Enjoying teaching and advicing them in careers which they do. No matter how young or adolescent stage which they are its all about grooming them and giving them the potential guidance and mentorship which they truly do deserve... Through this opportunity it has helped, shaped and gave different perspective of how volunteers now think, what is it that they love and what's important in having the humanitarian spirit "Ubuntu" and how it should be applied around the society. Being an active citizenship through doing little which impact big time. Tebogo Trust 'young gifted & bright'. Below here are pictures on the 12th and 25th November.

THE VALUE OF BEING A CONTENT CREATOR Who would have thought that the of writing news, could be turned into a precious skill set, will Provoker News a news publication for the youth, provided I and a few other volunteers an opportunity to improve our knowledge and skills of the publication industry. Noxolo Mthethwa Founder of Provoker Holding and the publication Provoker News takes the time to teaching and training young passionate and skills young people to write news and have a clear understanding of news. Although I was more skilled in writing and knowledge of the publication was greater then the new volunteers who were part of the program, but with the mentoring of Noxolo Mthethwa I grew more then, I could ever imagine. Provoker News provided a platform for youth to express themselves, speak about issues that other publications don't focus on and give the youth a voice to engage and be open about the negative and positive things. This opportunity improved and shaped a lot of the volunteers to look outside the box and not inside to have a different understanding of the publication world and a better understand of how hard you have to work to improve your love for writing.

Tumelo Home is a centre for mentally handicapped children it has around 52 children living at the centre and about 15 employees, which makes it difficult for the staff to look after all the children. We were very pleased when we were introduced to the My Hands and Heart platform by Ambassador Mpho Mofokeng which helped us a lot with volunteers who came in twice a week for 3-4 hours. The volunteers helped us with cleaning, cooking, playing with the kids, feeding them and with the children’s laundry. Tumelo’s staff and management is very proud and grateful for the help we have been receiving from the volunteers. Story By: Refilwe Khumalo (Tumelo Home)


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Hands of Wisdom

Our Mission is to demonstrate God’s love by alleviating human need and suffering in South Africa. In efforts to relieve human suffering we combat hunger, deprivation and physical affliction with the provision of food, clothing, shelter, medical care and other basic necessities of life. We also help facilitate the development of a healthy, vibrant and self-sustaining communities by addressing larger issues of education, food security, employment, community health and disaster mitigation projects. On every endeavor, Hands of Wisdom seeks to exemplify Christian compassion and benevolence while conforming to the highest standards of integrity.

Hope To Infinity

To aid and empower disadvantaged individuals in the community in order to create a unified wholesome and creative environment.

Lonwabo Lwesizwe

Lonwabo Lwesizwe is a non-profit, voluntary organization committed to creating youth platforms for development through exposing them to appropriate skills/activities which can stair them away from unlawful conducts such as substance abuse, drugs and criminal activities; Promote a goal orientated youth through creating platforms in scarce sectors.The organization aims to be a united, non-racial,non-sexist; and furthermore, establish branches within the identified areas to better social services and social cohesion


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