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5 volunteers needed

Volunteers needed at Ahanang primary school on the 04 july those community members who are willing to help clean grade 1 and 2 classes will be greatful if parents/youth come assist us

Social Relief

Volunteers are Needed to Assist in Distributing Food Parcels to our Clients/Beneficiaries,though its not much but just to help one not to sleep with an Empty Stomach.

Open music day against nyaope

We having an open music day where we would invite various local artist, to come and part take in the campaign against drug abuse in the community and have a fun day. We will need at least 5 volunteers to maintain order as we would be on the open.


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Mormon helping hands is a service project under The Church of Jesus Christ Of This Latter Days (LDS). Mormon Helping Hand's aim is to motivate, inspire in the blessing and upliftment of others. On the 25th of June 2016,I met determined volunteers at Mabopane block B Tumelo Home and Hospice. The volunteers took time to not only clean the hospice but to leave it spotless. 'We would like to thank the hospice for granting us the opportunity to clean and we extend our gratitude to every one who attended and made this event a success' says Mr Phofedi (Mormon Helping hands coordinator)

During my hands and hearts` Ambassador meetup that took place in Johannesburg Maboneng on the 22nd June 2016, we were privileged to have a guest from the National Youth Development Agency (NYDA) Mr George Kgathe who spoke about the significance of volunteering and how volunteering can help build a persons professional profile. Mr Kgathe volunteered for eight full years before he got employment, this is a perfect example and a more practical way to show the Youth the value of volunteerism and to show them that the rewards of volunteering do pay off.

On the 22nd June 2016, my hands and heart invited regular volunteers and its current Ambassadors to come in for an orientation. This event was the birth of my hands and hearts new ambassador program that aims at recruiting the best Ambassadors that are going to revive the spirit of volunteerism among the youth and be agents of change in their communities. This is the first of many Ambassador meet ups to come, through these meet ups my hands and heart aims to create a non-entirely virtual relationship with Ambassadors but want to also have personal encounters with the Ambassadors as this creates trust between both parties. During the meet up Attendees get to know each other, play games, share stories with each other about the work that they do in their communities and most of all volunteers get learn more about the platform. This is a great way to get to know the impact of volunteerism and the skills gained through volunteering.


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Bruno's Foundation

The foundation aims to carry out its work; - Through the voluntary contribution of like-minded individuals, who share our ethos of " Global empowerment through Hope, Humanity, Healing" - Through volunteer practitioners, educators, musicians and professionals - By pooling resources and working with partner organizations and NGO's - Through awareness and fundraising activities. - Have a program where we award Leaners at the end of the year. Identify top achievers in different fields. - Have a fun filled sports day with Leaners. - Crate awareness on the danger of consuming drugs (includes tobacco, alcohol and illicit drugs).

A gift to serve

Building communities trough psychology

Thembalethu Community Development Centre

The empower young people within our communities and making opportunities available.


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